Shoes… They Matter.

IMG_20170422_062711-01You are about to start your Running journey and once on it, your love for running will only grow.

Investing in a right pair of shoes, that fits you right according to your foot strike pattern is very crucial. A runner when running can over pronate, under pronate or can be neutral. A good gait analysis usually reveals which type of foot strike you have from the above.


Shoes will be your sole-mates everytime you go out for run, so choose a shoe which is soft and gentle to your feet. Beneath all the flashy designs relies the heart of a running shoe. The mid-sole, this is what provides all the support and cushion that your feet needs when you are training hard.

Space in the shoe is also a key factor which many new runners tend to ignore, you must have a entire thumbnail worth of space in front of you when you are wearing one. When you run you feet tends to expand, you never want your feet or toes feel cramped in your shoes.  

A wrong shoe can turn a painful running experience into a painful event with blister and other foot aches. A good running shoe will be more provide a snug and a well shaped fit. It must or should give you a tailor-made feel. It is very important to invest in a good shoe. Visit a shoe store which emphasises on selling running shoes and houses a treadmill and gait analysis equipment.
Pro Tip: – While buying a new shoe always carry your socks and old pair of running shoes. Wear the new shoe and run in them in store or on a treadmill for 5-10mins


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